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Trampoline and Tumbling

Trampoline and Tumbling

Trampoline Gymnastics consists of four events; Individual Trampoline, Synchronized Trampoline, Double Mini Trampoline, and Tumbling. The routines are judged according to difficulty and execution as seen in others sports such as diving.

Individual Trampoline

The sport of Trampolining has seen considerable advances in the equipment used, in its governance and its training. A competitor performs two routines; a compulsory and an optional. The compulsory routine consists of 10 pre-set skills, with the routine judged only on performance (execution) and not the difficulty. Optional routine also consist of ten skills, which are chosen by the competitor. The routines are comprised of ten different skills performed one after the other, with no breaks or extra jumps in between. For a skilled trampolinist, skills are performed at heights of over 30 feet above the trampoline with triple somersaults and multiple twists both forwards and backwards.

Synchronized Trampoline

This event is similar to individual trampoline in routine composition and judging, however two competitors perform the same routine at the same time on two separate trampolines. This event is by far the most artistic of the four, and requires the additional factor of precision timing. The routines are scored with the additional scoring of how well synchronized they remain throughout the routine.

Double Mini Trampoline

This event takes place on a smaller trampoline with the competitor running up to jump onto the trampoline performing a skill, landing back on the trampoline and performing a dismount skill onto a landing mat. The athlete performs two different routines with different skills in each.


Athlete performing a series of tumbling exercises along an 84 foot sprung floor. This event has also seen much improvement in the apparatus, with most competitions using what is called a rod floor (an elevated floor sprung with horizontal fiberglass rods). The innovation of this floor has raised the level of the sport to new heights, with routines consisting of two or more series of double or triple somersaults. Routines consist of 8 skills, and the athlete competes two different routines, one that contains twisting, and one that is straight somersaulting.