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The Manitoba Gymnastics Association (MGA) is a non-profit sport organization, which is athlete-centered in its focus. The MGA, which was incorporated in 1968, is a progressive, service – oriented organization, which offers high quality programs for athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers.

Committees and Staff in the provincial office oversee each of these programs. The MGA in its planning continues to provide service to our members, while at the same time being fiscally responsible.


It is the mandate of the MGA, as the sport governing body, to develop, promote, and guide gymnastics as a lifetime activity in Manitoba. The MGA shall provide leadership, systems, and programs so that all participants may safely achieve their potential level of interest and ability.


The Manitoba Gymnastics Association is a proactive, service oriented organization, which promotes a positive image for the Sport of Gymnastics. The MGA provides leadership, systems and program development for a growing membership.


  1. Fairness, respect and consideration for each program and its goals.
  2. Fairness, respect and consideration for each individual and their goals.
  3. Support for the achievement of excellence by the programs and individuals.
  4. The fostering of an atmosphere in which all participants may achieve their goals.