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Gymnastics For All

Gymnastics For All

Gymnastics is a sport which develops balance, flexibility, coordination, strength and agility – all attributes of good physical development. It offers a wide variety of activities ensuring a participant will be challenged and be successful. Through interaction in the structured environment of gymnastics, listening skills, self respect, and respect for others are developed. And to top it all off, gymnastics is fun!

Recreational Gymnastics is one of the best activities for contributing to the overall development of a child as it teaches children how to control their bodies. For children and adults of all abilities, gymnastics provides the foundation for participation and success in all other athletic activities. In many nations, gymnastics training precedes introduction to any other sport as a way of avoiding injuries and helping children establish a foundation for future success and enjoyment in sport. Skills included in a basic gymnastics curriculum are running, skipping, rolling, swinging, turning, jumping and landing.

Cangym Program

The Cangym Program is Gymnastics Canada’s national skill development and evaluation program for Artistic Gymnastics. This program is intended for use with participants of varying abilities ages 6 and older. Utilizing the Cangym program allows participants, coaches, and parents to monitor progress in addition to being a motivational tool for athletes.

The Cangym program includes 3 levels of skill progressions (mastering fundamental movement patterns, mastering basic skills and mastering advanced skills). Each level consists of 4 badges for a total of 12 different coloured badges that participants receive upon successful completion of that badge.

The Cangym Program binder is bilingual and comes complete outlining the skills in each level, Participant Evaluation Forms and Progress Reports, and Certificates of Participation and Completion that can be given to the participants. This program can be adapted to a wide variety of age groups and abilities, and, paired with an enthusiastic coaching staff will help your club develop skilled and confident gymnasts. The second edition of the Cangym – Artistic is endorsed by Olympic Champion Kyle Shewfelt.