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Risk Management


Overview of Insurance Coverage

  • Insurer: GameDay Insurance (Avivia Insurance Company of Canada)
  • Policy Term: September 1st, 2023 to August 31st, 2024
  • Brief Listing of Coverage:
    • Commercial General Liability Policy (Third Party Liability)
      • This provides protection for member clubs and their registered members in the event of a lawsuit arising out of MGA sanctioned activities subject to policy exclusions.
      • Additional coverages are also available under this coverage, such as:
        • Non-Owned Automobile Liability
        • Tenants Legal Liability
      • This policy does not cover property insurance or Directors/Officers liability for club.
    • Sport Accident Policy
      • All members registered with Manitoba Gymnastics receives coverage for accidents that take place as a result of an accident during a sanctioned gymnastics activity.
      • This is excess coverage over any government and/or private heath insurance plans.
      • Does not include coverage for Birthday Parties/Drop Ins/Field Trips; additional insurance through GameDay must be purchased by qualified clubs for coverage of these activities.
      • Coverage is valid in Canada. When travelling outside of Canada, it is recommended that you seek additional travel coverage. Options are available from GameDay.

Accident Claim

To submit an Accident Claim through the MGA please complete the form below and return to Regan Bint within 20 days of the incident:

Additional Coverage

To submit your request for coverage on Birthday Parties, Field Trips, Camps and Drop Ins through the MGA please complete and email the Additional Insurance Event Log to [email protected] and make payment using the link below:

Insurance Certificate Requests

To request a copy of your club’s insurance certificate through the MGA please complete the form below: